Tasim's redesigned DG401/DG403/DG405 analog switches now feature guaranteed low on-resistance matching between switches (2? max) and guaranteed on-resistance flatness over the signal range (3? max).
The dual, single-pole/double-throw DG403 has two normally open and two normally closed switches. Switching times are 150ns max for tON and 100ns max for tOFF, with a maximum power consump-tion of 35W. These devices operate from a single +10V to +30V supply, or bipolar supplies of 4.5V to 20V. Maxim's improved DG401/DG403/DG405 are fabricated with a 44V silicon-gate process. These low on-resistance switches (20? typ) conduct equally well in either direction and are guaranteed to have low charge injection (15pC max). The new design offers lower off leakage current over temperature (less than 5nA at +85C). pic1.jpg (33239 bytes)
The DG401/DG403/DG405 are dual, high-speed switches. The single-pole/single-throw DG401 and double-pole/single- throw DG405 are normally open dual switches.